Friday, July 24, 2009

nothing much

sometimes at night i'll think about something i want to blog about, but then once i get up and moving the inspiration leaves me. i feel compelled to blog something, though, so i'm just going to ramble nonsensically for about twenty minutes and call it a day. i feel sort of bad for the manufacturers of Mirena, because at least 10 of you are now against it thanks to my last blog. i'm glad i'm not as popular as oprah or they would probably sue me. ironically, i'm barely even nursing any more so pretty soon i can use any kind of birth control i want.

i went on vacation a couple weeks ago and in spite of all my pumping efforts (while standing in the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, while riding in the back of a compact car going 85mph along the scenic highway, while sharing a hotel with two single girls who were both fascinated and repulsed, etc), Bella didn't really have much interest in me when i returned. even though i still had milk. it sort of made me sad. i'm still nursing her about 3x a day, but she also takes formula and baby food now so i think i'm a distant third when it comes to her preference. it's too much work, i guess.

if you ever want to go to (or have to go to) Minneapolis, it's really fun and a nice place to visit. we were mainly in Duluth and Beaver Bay (on Lake Superior), but we spent one night in Minny and had a great time. we loved everywhere we went, actually. lots of white folks, which as you know tends to freak me out a bit, but still. it was nice anyway. except they have some sort of vendetta against smokers there. a lot of places wouldn't even let my friend smoke outside. she wasn't thrilled about that part.

i was just rudely interrupted for work so this blog sucks. sor'.

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