Thursday, August 13, 2009

day 1 of healthE trim

so, you know this weight loss thing isn't moving fast enough for me so i bought a $70 bottle - yeah, i know - of HealthE Trim ("Get High School Skinny!!!").

today is the first day - this is what you do:

take 1-2 pills in the morning and then drink a ton of water. after 2-3 hours, you can eat. you shoudln't drink caffeine.

this is what i did:

at the last second, decided to go against my impulse and only take one pill. usually, i go for the whole hog thinking, two is better than one, right?!?!

five minutes later, i realized that was the best decision EVER. as i'm drinking my tons of water, i'm thinking 'god bless the poor souls who need to be told to drink a ton of water after taking this' - you basically have to drink water because you feel instantly dehydrated and light headed. i yawned and almost passed out from the head rush. i also cannot imagine adding caffeine to this mix. i will know when it's time to up it to two pills the day i think, 'i want to go to starbucks'. i also almost immediately needed to go to the ladies room... if you know what i'm sayin'.

i am going to take it for three weeks if i can hack it and then if i haven't lost at least 10lb, i'm going to send it back and get my money back (less taxes and s&h).

i have about 20lb to go until i reach my PPW (pre-pregnancy weight) and i'm joining the gym in september and getting a personal trainer there. the Y didn't really work out for us, so i'm joining the one at my work. i got the ok from moe to go during my lunch break 2x a week rather than coming home to let him nap and i can also go on sundays because that's his off day. the only reason i'm waiting for september is because they are having a membership drive and it will be "free" to join. i would hate to pay the initiation fee now knowing that in a couple weeks i wouldn't have to...

i'm having de ja vu (and i have no idea where to put the ' in that) - but if this blog doesn't post on my first try, i will know that i have lived this moment before.


  1. it took several minutes to post and i got really freaked out.

  2. Weren't you a member of the gym before? If you were and you re-join, you won't have to pay the initiation fee again. I've done it a couple of times. hahaha

  3. you have to pay $25 over here

  4. How are you doing? Have you met your goal?

  5. so did it work for you or did you wind up returning it?