Friday, August 21, 2009

oh....good point.

so i just needed a little perspective and luckily my friend Rebecca gave it to me (hahahaha, 'gave it to me', hahahahhaha). basically, and i'm paraphrasing, she said "you're expected to lose your baby weight" and i was like, oh. just like that chris rock hbo special about people who say, "i take care of my kids" and he goes, you're SUPPOSED to take care of your kids.... and bragging about not going to jail - you're supposed to stay out of jail, dummy. so once she said that, i stopped hating everyone and decided that i will hate them again if and only if i reach my pre-pregnancy weight and then continue to drop the pounds and they still don't notice.

so they have as long as it takes me to lose 17lb and then it's on.

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  1. Only can do it! I say that and I've barely lost 2lbs in 7 wks. UGH!!! Losing weight sucks...well, trying to lose weight sucks. Actually losing the weight doesn't. :)