Wednesday, August 5, 2009

happy birthday to me

i guess you'll want to hear all about my birthday. well, first of all, i turned 33 in '09 and my baby was born on 3/3/09 so i have been really excited for this because somehow i just know that is a good omen. this year is going to be a good one. starting... now.

okay, so yesterday was my actual birthday and i woke up as usual and played with the girls but i left the house a little earlier than normal and went to the Y to workout. once there, i discovered moe had left my ipod on and the battery was dead, so that threw me for a loop, but i still wanted to do something and not let that be an excuse so i walked on the steepest incline available on the treadmill for twenty minutes. i know that is nothing to brag about, but that is honestly all i did.

following that, i went to shower which is when i discovered that the east lake Y does not provide towels. i had to blot dry with my sweaty workout clothes and stand under a wall mounted blower until my hair and body were dry. no biggie. i rolled with it. should have asked that before i went, i suppose. live and learn.

i got dressed and went to work a little later than normal, but i had already called in to let them know so that was fine. two of my friends met me to get starbucks, which took us a good thirty minutes to an hour longer than it reasonably should, but we were chatting so it was fine. or... i thought it was fine until i walked back to my office and discovered i was late for a meeting that i had called. a little embarrassing and unprofessional, but forgivable because it was only by a couple of minutes and it's my birthday and all... (still not good, but whatever).

had the meeting, went back to my office (which had been decorated by my staff the night before and was really cute) and worked on post-meeting business until lunchtime. went home for lunch and over to the pizzeria with the family for a while. got back around 2p or so and worked on a couple of other things.

at 3:30p, my boss came by and i updated the status of a few things and was told i could leave at 4p since it was my birthday. this was awesome and i wasn't going to turn it down, but it did sort of muck up my plans for the evening which were to take the kids to the park next door with some friends and have a picnic right after work. now that i was going home, i really didn't want to go back to work, so now i had to come up with a different plan. if i didn't mention it before, moe had to work so that is why we weren't doing anything together after work.

my friends agreed to go to a kid friendly place near my house and help me with the girls while we ate and chatted. it was really nice and relaxing. had i gone there straight from work, i think i would have been a little stressed, but since i was able to go home and change first and get them ready it was awesome.

we got home at about 7:30p and i put bella to bed right away. andie had a hard time winding down and eventually went to sleep in our bed around 9p (which is a major no no in our house, but i have been allowing a lot lately). since she went to sleep on my head, i did not get any rest until i was sure it was okay to move her and then eventually i nodded off, too.

at 3:30am, moe came home and moved her to her bed and then i was not able to go back to sleep until about 6am.

today was normal except for i went to have lunch with moe while the girls were with my mom playing with their cousins.

i'm just kidding, i took jello shots off a tranny hooker and got home at 4am.

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  1. The life of a mom. :) Happy birthday, sweet friend.