Thursday, June 4, 2009

obsess much?

as per usual, as soon as i declare something as fact, everything changes. the past two mornings have not been anything like the one i described. yesterday, i delayed breakfast and took the girls on an early morning walk. today, bella woke up early so i had one on one time with her until andie woke up and then i put bella back down and had one on one time with andie. both mornings were great and helped me realized that everything will be fine. i have to work, there's no getting around it, but i don't have to feel miserable about it. i can have whatever kind of morning i decide to have... i just can't go to the zoo or six flags (until the weekend).

speaking of six flags, i am dying to go again but no one wants to go with me and watch the kids while i ride on everything. for some reason, that doesn't appeal to anyone. i cannot imagine anything more fun! when we went as a family a couple of weeks ago (on the very first day it was open on a week day, because i could not wait another minute) moe let me ride on Acrophobia because there was no line. he said he would wait while i got in the line for Superman, too, but it started raining so we left the park. i may just go over there one day by myself and not tell anyone. if i don't ride Goliath soon i will consider it a personal failure.

you're not even supposed to ride the sky buckets when you're pregnant, and i was pregnant for two years, so six flags wasn't that fun for me. even though i went both years. torture. that is about the only rule i followed while pregnant. i stayed off of rollercoasters. and now that i'm not pregnant, it is all i can do not to think about amusement parks all day, every day.

not only do i think about going to six flags here in atlanta, but i wonder if the muffins will mind if i make them go ride a rollercoaster in minnesota while we're there next month and i think about going to ohio just because they are supposed to have a good amusement park there. i can't wait for the kids to be old enough to appreciate disney world because as soon as they are, we are headed to orlando.

i think i am focusing on them a lot because moe won't let me even talk about having another baby so i have to think about things that are good about not being pregnant and my favorite thing about not being pregnant is riding rollercoasters. the next best thing about not being pregnant is horseback riding, which i plan to do this fall. i feel bad about riding horses in the summer. they always seem so hot and miserable that it takes away from the experience for me. i'm sure they hate it no matter what time of year it is, but i like to ride horses in the fall because if i were a horse, that seems like the least miserable time to have someone mount me.

oh!! oh, how fun, i just remembered another good thing - white water rafting!! i have to do that while i'm not pregnant. now i am really excited and hardly even depressed at all about not having another baby any time soon. okay, actually, i am depressed a little and all i really think about it trying to lose my baby weight and hoping that moe changes his mind and wants to try again in august. but you know, i can pretend to be excited until then.

i just thought about something andie always does. i am trying to teach her about opposites and one that i focus on is happy and sad. for happy, we smile and clap and for sad we frown and pretend to cry. whenever she pokes bella in the eye or crushes her by laying on top of her, bella starts to cry. i ask her if bella is sad and andie always says, no, momma, she's happy!! and claps her hands and smiles at bella trying to will her to stop crying. i will be really sad if we don't have any more kids, but if i ride a horse over to six flags i'll be happy, momma, happy (clap, clap).

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